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Free accounting classes are designed for accountants who work for themselves or a small business, as well as accountants who work inside for corporate institutions and who manage and audit huge revenue streams. Some business courses bleed into accounting practices, which means that a number free management courses I found have to do with management accounting practices and using this data to run a business.

Free Online Accounting ClassesFree Kutztown University Accounting Classes

Kutztown University offers four different basic accounting courses to help you learn the basics of accounting: Accounting 101, Creating a Profit and Loss Statement, Preparing a Balance Sheet, and Preparing a Cash Budget. Studying these four subjects should give you a good preparation for more advanced studies at other online institutions or an on-campus atmosphere. Kutztown University was founded in 1866 and is located in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Enrollment for the university is over 10,000, with over 60% of those students women.

Free Online College Courses in Accounting

Below is a list of specific free Internet college courses you can enter by registering on a website--and sometimes not even that. If you followed some of the links I've included, you could start some of these courses within the hour. You don't have to scrape money together to go back to school or sit around wondering what might have been. You can start learning about accounting through free study, gaining the knowledge and confidence to make yourself into a better company asset and business employee. Here are just a few of the no-cost accounting classes you can take online.

Influences on Accounting Regulation

This 6-hour free accounting course from Open University discusses a historical overview of financial reporting, from development in Europe and beyond, the use of commercial code, the Anglo-Saxon system for accounting, and how regulation came to be. Note this is a masters-level course.

Introduction to the Context of Accounting

While it's supposedly an introduction, this free accounting class is actually considered an advanced course. That being said, the course covers the history of accounting, the objective of modern accountants, how to maximize market share, how to make maximum profits, and other concepts which concern profit, loss, revenue, and the all-important balance sheets.

Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting

A financial and managerial accounting course is more about people who read the reports of accountants than how to prepare such reports. But any list of free accounting classes probably needs to include a section on managerial oversight of accounting practices, which is what this MIT free class covers.

Management Accounting and Control

A related subject is the use of management accounting for performance evaluation and decision making within a company. This accounting course is mainly for management consultants and senior level managers, but it shows how accounting is used for oversight of every phase of modern business: research and development, product design, production, distribution, marketing, service design, and customer service.

Free Accountant Courses Online

As you can see, the accounting courses you can educate yourself with online range from the accounting 101 and other basic CPA courses all the way to financial reporting for major corporate interests. Business managers can even learn how to use accounting to streamline their business and better justify their bottom line to their bosses. Accounting is a skill that helps on every level of business, so start mastering economics, finance auditing, and economic reporting today.