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Free finance classes let you study the world of finance without having to learn the hard way in the real world of the financial markets, equity, accounting, and investment risk. You can study the theories of loaning and borrowing money on the micro and macro level, targeting the level of market analysis right for your economic and professional needs.

Free Finance Classes OnlineIntroduction to Financial Services lets you study the history of financial services in the UK. Included is the way regulation affects the practice of financing, how the financial crisis is affecting the economy and the markets, and what the consequences might be for the financial sector in England and beyond.

Introduction to Accounting acquaints the finance student with the basics of accounting. You'll learn about the concepts of profits, losses, and the balance sheet. Get an appreciation for how accounting and accountants not only help you assess risk and decide on investments, but also maximize profits. This course provides an overview of the history of accounting.

Investment Risk is a study of the one thing investors hate the most: uncertainty. Explore why investors are risk-averse, how investors examine risky investment situations, and what all the risk factors are which need to be explored when making an investment. Few subjects are more central to the art of finance than assessing risk and managing the uncertainties inherent in markets.

Debt and Borrowing in a Wider Context is a comprehensive study of the forms of loans and debts which exist in the financial markets. Once you finish this course, you'll be better prepared to plan the financial future for you and your family. You'll also have a better overview of the dimensions of personal debt.

Equity Finance is a six-hour masters level course on the subject of raising finance. You'll study the main ways companies raise cash for operations, including venture capital, private equity, and listing on the stock exchange. You'll find out why certain companies decide cross-listing is best for them, while you'll study all the processes of finance used throughout the world.

Financial Markets Context is a four-hour masters level class which discusses how efficient the methods of matching providers of capital with users of capital is in today's markets. You'll ask the question of whether investors can trust the volatile market and whether the methods currently used for wedding investors to investments is the best or most efficient. The timeless question of whether successful investments are a matter of luck or skill will be asked, while you'll be acquainted with the Efficient Markets Hypothesis.

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You can also find a number of free finance classes on iTunes, including free online college courses through Cal-Berkeley, Stanford, and the University of California Davis. Examples of lectures and courses include "Making Sense of Banking in the 21st Century", "Understanding the Financial Crisis", and "Challenges Facing the President". Cambridge, Liberty University, and Carnegie-Mellon University also have fine finance lectures you can download from iTunes.

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You'll find many other free online college courses through the Open University, MIT OpenCourseWare, and the various financial tutorials on iTunes. You should look at the courses linked to above as good finance courses you should take, but also examples of what else you might find out there. Whether you're a beginning finance student or studying at a masters level, you can find coursework to challenge and inform you.