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Free management classes teach a new manager how to motivate and command a room full of employees, but a beginning or first-time manager isn't the only one who can learn from a free online college course. Veteran managers and even executives can keep up with the latest trends in hiring, administration, statistics, evaluation, and business communication.

Free Management ClassesEven a standard corporate employee with ambitions to become a business manager can look into the management courses as a way to learn what it takes to be the boss. If you aren't sure whether you're management material, take a few of these free online classes and see whether you grasp the concepts and have the interpersonal skills to make things happen as the leader in a company environment.

Free Online Business Management Courses

Below is a short list of business management concepts you can study and skills you can learn. This is by no means the full scope of what employees, small business owners, middle management, and hiring managers can study, but use these as examples of what you might learn.

Conversations and Interviews is a 5-hour introductory free course for prospective managers who want to learn how to conduct interviews and how to interview themselves. Communication and conversational skills are important for a manager in any career, so this gives you a foundation not just for building an interview style, but also for listening to employees and conveying what you want to your staff.

Hiring a Human Resources Consultant discusses what makes good human resources personnel and what hiring a consultant might do for your business, from evaluating performance to making improvements in your business. This covers the process of finding a consultant, the risks of hiring consulting experts, and how you set fees and evaluate their performance.

Discovering Management sounds like an introductory class, but this free management course is actually a masters-level dissection of the role of a manager in an organization. Topics taught in this course include project management, changes in management, managing operations, finance, stakeholder management, human resources, and the subject of leadership.

Making Decisions is a free management class from MIT which instructs student on the most important aspect of being a manager or executive: making important decisions. This masters-level course discusses the psychology of decision making, the social aspect of making decisions, and the evaluation of decisions made and how that helps us understand others better.

Understanding Operations Management is the study of the operation level of your organization and management on that level. "Operations" is often the least-studied and most overlooked part of any organizational structure, whether it's a military or civilization hierarchy. Military operations are where you translate strategy into tactical success, just as business operations are where you translate market strategy into success in the field. Operations management also happens to be where a manager often makes a name for himself or herself in business, where you take the step from middle management into executive work.