George DaviesHey everyone! Thank you for visiting. I`m George Davies, the owner & editor of freecollegeclasses.org

I’m passionate about online learning. Ever since my college days, I’ve been a lifelong learner. Whether it’s discovering new programming languages or brushing up on business skills – if there was an opportunity to learn something new, I would take it!

So when the pandemic hit and many of us were stuck at home with little to do but work remotely, I decided to put my passion for learning into action. With that in mind, I started writing online course reviews so that others could benefit from what I had learned over the years.

I quickly realized how helpful these reviews were for people looking to expand their knowledge base without having to go back to school or spend time searching through countless websites and blogs trying to find credible resources.

Not only did this help connect learners with valuable information but it also gave me a chance to share advice on career development too!

In addition to providing reviews of courses, each week on my website you will find articles focused on developing your professional skill set no matter where you are in life – whether you’re just starting out building your career or looking for ways to advance your current job title.

My goal has always been simple: To make sure that everyone who visits my website can gain access not only the best online courses around but also vital information they need in order to establish themselves as successful professionals without needing any prior education experience or degrees – all while showing them how accessible learning really is!

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