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Agriculture classes train a student in irrigation techniques and soil science. Agriculture was the invention which led to the building of cities and civilization as we know it. Throughout the history of humanity, agricultural achievements and setbacks alike have been a mirror of the society in which they took place. Nothing was more basic to the existence of people and communities than farmsteads and farming techniques. Even today in the modern world, learning about agricultural science helps farmers and scientists alike better provide for the regions and nations where they live.

USU Agriculture Classes

Free Agriculture Classes OnlineAmong the leading universities in distance learning for agriculture students is Utah State University, located in Logan, Utah near the border with Idaho. Utah State's sports teams are named the Aggies, which should give you plenty of indication the focus of USU's educational programs. Below are some of the free college classes USU offers students through the miracle of the Internet.

Because the OpenCourseWare of MIT covers so many subjects and is so easy to find, you might think it's the only university which offers Open Sourceware. That's not the case. In the field of agriculture and agrotech, Utah State University has a number of excellent college courses for distance learning through their own OpenCourseware resources. Below are some of the free online college classes you can study from USU.

Sprinkle and Trickle Irrigation is a 4-hour course for the design and evaluation of irrigation systems from Utah State University. Techniques to master include water application efficiency, pumping system hydraulics, system layout, water applicator selection, application uniformity, pipe sizing, and water filtration requirements in certain locations.

Surface Irrigation Design is a course that was designed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and it's available in English, French, and Arabic. You'll learn how to evaluate and improve uniformity and efficiency, simulate surface systems, and even study land leveling computations and the equipment used for leveling the land. This course involves 20 video lectures, an online textbook, and downloadable surface irrigation software simulations. You'll have homework assignment by Dr. Wynn Walker.

Irrigation and Conveyance Control Systems involves the calibration, design, and selection of flow management structures for open-channel flows. Most of the course involves learning how to measure water levels and flow rates. You'll also learn how to build irrigation infrastructure and design water conveyances for irrigational purposes.

Biochemical Engineering is the study of desirable compounds for the transformation and destruction of toxic or unwanted substances. Students study how to design, develop, and analyze biocatalysts.

Advanced Soil Mechanics includes the nature of soils, soil classification, the origin of topsoil, hydraulic conductivity, seepage, slope stability, bearing capacity, the effective stress principle, and the evaluation of soil properties.