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Free communications classes let you improve that aspect of yourself that every person needs improving: their communication skills. Communicating well with others is a skill that helps a person in their personal and professional life. Good communication helps you friendships and it helps your marriage. Being a good communicator means you'll have meet more friends throughout life, while being a good listener means you'll keep more of those friends you make. If you happen to be a good speaker, you might become a leader among people--or at least a manager at your workplace.

Free Communication ClassesOf course, a place of business is the main focus for people who want to study communications in an academic setting. The university can be expensive, so you might want to improve your speaking and listening skills by studying free online college courses instead. Below are just a few of the subjects you can master.

According to polls, one of the most common fears is a fear of public speaking. This one-hour introductory free course on Speech-Making from the Open University allows you to study the art of speech-making from the perspective of both text and voices. Conquer your fears of speaking in front of people by learning how other people approach this topic.

Introducing Representation explores how something said derives meaning. Get inside the concept of how meaning is conveyed through language. When in "The Looking Glass", Humpty Dumpty told Alice, "“When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean--neither more nor less.” When Alice rebutted this assertion, Humpty Dumpty replied, "The question is: which is to be master--that's all.” This 20-hour advanced free communication course discusses exactly that question. Who chooses the meaning of the words you speak: you, your audience, or some other factor?

Communicating in Technical Organizations is a course you'll only find in a technology school like MIT. This undergraduate class lets you experiment with different forms of cellphone communications in a collaborative setting.

Marketing Communications teaches communicators, public relations people, and marketers how public communication between a business and its customer base is more than just how you sell your product, but ultimately how you define your relationship to the customer. This helps you build a communication strategy and guide its long-term affect on marketing.

Communication, Management and Your Own Context teaches managers how to be clear and confident when they communicate to the their employees. This free course is valuable for communication majors and for managers at any level, because it teaches you how to command a room full of employees. This is an 8-hour advanced communication course.

Introduction to Media Studies studies communication through various media: the printed word, radio, film, television, and digital technologies. If you ever wanted to study the political, economic, cultural, and social impact of media communication on our modern American culture, this is the free online college course for you.

Communicating in Cyberspace is technically a course for writers, but in an age where digital communications and social networking websites are part of the mainstream world of communication, an free online college course about the analysis, implementation, testing, and design of digital communication is something all students of mass communication should understand.