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Project management classes are advanced college courses fit for managers, executives, and the heads of non-profit organizations. Whether you are a young member of the middle management trying to impress the bosses and move up the corporate ladder or you're an experienced executive wanting to learn the latest in management techniques, you can study business classes through a number of distance learning institutions throughout the world. Not only does this give you the flexibility of studying in your off hours at home, but some of these distance classes are free of charge.

Free Online Project Management ClassesMembers of management eventually are going to be asked to lead a project. But if you've never managed a project or you haven't organized project members in a number of years, you might feel the need to brush up on your leadership skills. Below are the perfect free online college courses if you want to learn how to manage a project.

Project Management is a 25 hour course in practical project management. You'll learn about a problem-based learning approach to managing by working through a series of sample tasks associated with a case studio and questions about a theoretical project. Learn how to move around your organization, consult with the right people, and sift through organization documents to help you manage projects efficiently and effectively.

Preparing a Project gives an overview of the standard project and dissects the facets of a project a manager is likely to encounter. You'll learn about the issues which arise when managing projects and the challenges you'll need to overcome. Though this sounds like basic information, Preparing a Project is an 8-hour masters course.

Implementing the Project is about planning a project and then adjusting your goals as more facts become available. You'll learn how to reevaluate the plan and implement changes as circumstances change. You'll also learn how best to monitor and control projects. Anyone who manages a project quickly learns that everything won't go according to plan, so this course lets you study how to adjust and manage crises over the course of a difficult project.

Completing the Project gives you valuable training in how to bring projects to a fitful close and evaluate the work you've done. It's not enough to finish the assigned project. You want to know that you've met the goals, aims, and expectations of the project's mission statement. This course gives you the knowledge and methods needed for project evaluation. This free online college course is an 8-hour masters class.

Finding Information in Business and Management helps you find the key information to help you lead a project. Learn about "information quality" and study how to evaluate data and facts in a general sense. Get an understanding of how best to organize your information, while learning the proper way to reference information when you present it to others. This is a class for those who want better information for study, personal, or work situations, but it's a pivotal skill for project managers. You'll even find out how to keep up with the latest information in your field of interest through RSS feeds and mailing lists.

Managing a Project through People trains a project manager how to identify the people most important for the success of a project and using your management skills to maximize the effort and effect of those people. This class is about the individuals and groups who contribute to a successful project and spotting the types of individuals and groups who'll make the best contribution.