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Theology classes are available through distance learning programs associated with top universities across the globe. You can even find free online courses for whether you're interested in religious studies and you're considering seminary school or you're a college student interested in the subject of religion. Spiritual questions are something most human beings consider at one time or another, whether you're a 12 year old kid first beginning to seriously consider the question of heaven and hell, a young adult reexamining your faith or wanting to learn more than your parents taught, or an middle-aged person who's lived a secular life, but sees the end approaching in 10 to 30 years and wants to get closer to God.

Free Online Theology ClassesMost of the free online university courses below are associated with Notre Dame University. If you're not a Catholic, you might think this classwork has no appear for you. But the professors and students at South Bend, Indiana are serious students of religion and theological issues and they provide rigorous studies on these subjects. I've included a few basic courses that aren't associated with a Catholic institution, but once you read through the listings I've given you, you'll probably realize the ND distance learning classes are first rate.

Introduction to Catholic Moral Theology is an overview of the development of Catholic moral theology on issues ranging from human sexuality, violence in warfare, economic justice, and biomedical research. Learn about the principles and thought processes of the Roman Catholic Church, focusing on issues like freedom, dignity, law, social justice, grace, virtue, and creation itself.

Catholic Social Teaching is a survey of the theoretical and historical themes and principles of Catholic theology. The main topic for discussion is Christian social responsibility in the modern world.

Morality and Modernity is a study of the nature of modern morality through the reading of a number of important works and authors. Among the books read include writings by Alasdair McIntyre, Charles Taylor, Immanuel Kant, and Friedrich Nietzsche. Learn about the emergence of modern reality and which ideas and people have shaped the modern world's moral culture.

Jews and Christians throughout History discusses how and when the negative image of Jews appeared in Christianity. Other issues between Jews and Christians will be explored, including how negative images contributed to violence against the Jews, a study of anti-Jewish teachings in Christianity, whether Judaism has an anti-Christian hostility, and how the Jewish world has reacted to recent changes in Christianity.

Foundations of Theology: Biblical and Historical gives you the fundamentals of the Bible and how the early church developed. You'll also learn about the commonalities, similarities, and differences between Judaism and Christianity.

Latin Theology and Christian Tradition studies evangelism, worship, social justice, and Christology in the Latin American world. Students survey the landscape of Latin Christianity in both the United States and other Christian churches in the western hemisphere, with a special focus on Latino Biblical scholars and theologians.

Theology Classes at Open University

You can also study theology and religion through the Open University distance learning program. OU is a distance learning college established decades ago by Royal Charter. These days, you can find many free online college courses from the Open University. Among these are a number of theological studies courses, including the two examples listed below.

Studying Religion gives you familiarity with some of the main concepts of religion, along with the key methods people use to worship. You'll study religion while learning about religious movements as wide-ranging as the United Kingdom and South Asia.

Religion Today: Themes and Issues is about how modern religion shapes the world we live in today. So many moderns believe religion, theology, and spiritual matters are a relic of the past, but faith and religious movements continue to make their imprint on the world in which we live on every continent of the world. Explore the issues and arguments modern religion has an impact on.