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Take free computer classes to gain the design, programming, and operating skills needed to master a key career field in the age of the Internet. In the early 21st century, few skill sets would seem to be as central to the lives people lead then computer science. Few career fields have as much room for growth or offer as many opportunities for salary, flexibility, and dynamism than electrical and computer engineering. You don't have to spend a fortune to learn how to operate, build, or program computers. You can take basic, intermediate, and advanced computer courses online for free.

Free Computer Classes OnlineMany people are intimidates with computers. They don't know where they should start to learn about computing devices, so they just give up and let the Geek Squad deal with technical issues. Others stay frustrated with their PC, laptop, or iPad, because they don't know how to operate their systems or get full performance out of them. But online college computer classes let you learn the basics or (if you're a natural who already knows a great deal) master the science of computers.

MIT Computer Courses

It's no surprise the best free computer classes online are taught by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT offers its OpenCourseWare to teach Internet students about the original concepts behind computing and the latest computer innovations.

The Anthropology of Computing is a study of the history and development of computer science. The course starts with the early development of computing and calculating machines and the culture which developed them. Topics of discussion include computation theory, cybernetics, the link between man and machine, the hacker culture, capitalist manufacturing, commodification of the PC, the creation of the Internet, and the politics of identity in the social cyberspace.

Practical Electronics teaches students a few basic principles which allow a person build electronic devices such as remote controls, timers, clocks, electronic toys, appliances, and motorized devices.

Principles of Computer System Design is the sum total of 40 years of design expertise. Included is a 13-year archives of design projects, class notes, slides, and daily assignments.

Digital Signals Processing is a distance learning course for scientists and engineers in the workplace. Signal processing applications, digital filter design, are discrete-time convolution are just some of the techniques and fundamentals you'll be taught in this course.

Signals and Systems introduces both analog and digital processing to a student. Mastering this computer-related subject gives you insight into consumer electronics, image processing, communications devices, defense electronics, data processing devices, speech processing, and other consumer products.

Open University Computer Classes

Open University also has a wide range of free computer classes. Many of these courses are not as advanced and involved as the MIT coursework, so if you want a more basic computer tutorial to show you how to use computing devices in the business world or for personal uses, you might try the free OU college computer courses.