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Free real estate classes can teach a person hoping to enter the real estate market how to sell land, property, and homes, but many of the online real estate college courses also teach about analyzing and financing real estate developments as a form of investment. Since the concept of investment in property assets and land has been challenged in recent years, some of the classes offered give you a chance to explore an key question in the real estate market which is much-discussed now and will continue to be explored and challenged in the immediate years to come.

Free Real Estate ClassesSeveral of the best real estate courses you'll find free of charge on the Internet are from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The MIT Open Sourceware Program is among the best in the world for free online college courses and the real estate program is no exception. If you want to learn about real estate investments, you won't find anything better. Below are some other courses which real estate brokers and agents might find of interest.

Real Estate Economics is a course offered by the MIT Center for Real Estate, which focuses the studies on demographic trends, the changing economic outlook, and how local factors such as transportation and the city or municipal government affect your real estate investments.

Real Estate and Investment is an introduction to the basics of investing in real estate, whether you're a home buyer, a landlord, a wise investor, or a land speculator. This class discusses the broad concepts and principles in buying property for profit, while also discusses the research tools and analytical methods used for evaluating the value of real estate. While this course is mainly focused on making investments in real property, you'll also cover the micro-level of real estate involving individual deals and properties.

Design for Real Estate Investment offers tools for analysis in real estate decision making and how this affects land development. Understand that this course may have elements of both economic and engineering interest, but it's designed to be suitable for students of multiple backgrounds.

Real Estate Capital Markets focuses entirely on the macro level of real estate investment and finance. This OpenCourseWare free course discusses the capital markets, MBS, and REITs. Prospective students should know that the main focus of this class is on CMBS, though.

Advanced Real Estate is a half-semester class which looks at cutting edge real estate investments and finance. The students in this course, described as a seminar-style class, are expected to take the initiative and ask advanced questions. Guest speakers from the real estate industry were a big part of the original course.

Art and Science of Negotiation gives fundamentals for the art of negotiating. Communications, ethics, and strategy all play a part when negotiating a deal of any sort. Since buying a home or real estate is usually the biggest purchase in which most people are involved, a real estate expert is going to be part of the biggest negotiation in many people's lives. This study can be applied to business, personal, and legal settings, but you'll finish the course knowing how to analyze problems, resolve disputes, and negotiate successful agreements.

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An Overview of the Law is a survey course of English common law and the basics of how laws are made in the United Kingdom and how the laws and lawmaking affects the citizens of the countries inside the UK. So much of the real estate market involves property laws and tax laws that it helps for a real estate broker in the UK to have a basic understanding of the law.

Privacy Rights and the Law takes a look at the privacy laws of the United Kingdom. Since property ownership and privacy are closely related, it's a good idea for real estate agents in the UK to know something about the privacy laws of their home country. This is a 10-hour intermediate course.