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Free English classes might involve the study of English literature or American literature. English courses might involve instruction on how to write or the finer points of English grammar. You'll find plenty of English composition courses, or lectures on writing short stories, novels, or English language poetry. But I've covered most of that in the articles on free writing classes and free literature courses pages, so I wanted to point out college instruction which goes deeper into the English language.

Free English Classes OnlineThe classes below not only discuss English grammar rules and vocabulary. They often focus on help non-English speakers master the language to a degree they can interact with those whose first language is English. The courses below also help those who are already fluent in English, but who are moving to another English speaking country and need to learn the local dialect, accents, and cultural differences. Just because you can flourish in an American business setting you consider yourself a strong communicator in the USA, that does not mean you'll be skilled at communication in a company setting in the United Kingdom. So the courses below help people refine their English language skills, whether you're just learning the language or you've spoken English from the time you could speak.

Look up "Structure of English Words" at the Open Stanford section on iTunes and you'll have access to a number of Stanford University study courses on the English language. You can study video lectures on English word structure, neologisms and morphology, allomorphy, an advanced discussion on the meaning of words, correct English and who decides what is correct language, the family of Indo-European languages, modern languages, and lectures on Latin and Greek morphology.

American English Speech is a course from the Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie-Melon University, which offers the novel concept of learning to speak the American version of the English language. English is spoken in many dialects and accents and no group of people has a more novel way of speaking English than Americans. Lessons include the foundations of speech, intonational patterning of American English, vowels, diphthongs, consonants, and weak forms. You'll even discuss what "Standard American" speaking is in a land full of Texans, Bostonians, Brooklynites, the southern drawls of the Deep South, Ebonics, and a vast array of ethnic American accents.

Business English is a free online college course from Open University which teaches non-Englishmen what they need to know if they are going to move to the United Kingdom and engage in business. Whether you're from India, Turkey, one of the countries of Africa, or the United States, this course gives you a grounding in how best to present yourself to a financial and commercial English audience.

Exploring the English Language is an OU college class about the evolution of the English language over the past 500 years. Have you ever been asked to read classic English literature of past centuries and wondered if you were reading the same language? This course tells you how we got from Chaucer and Shakespeare and the King James Bible to the English language we speak today.

English Grammar in Context helps people new to the speaking the language of the Anglo-Saxons understand one of its major sticking points: the sometimes bizarre and seemingly labyrinthine grammatical rules of the English language. Why do rules apply in one instance, but not in the other? Why did the grammar rules of English evolve the way they did? And why do Americans and English fight over the correct spelling of words like "glamor" or "glamour"? English Grammar in Context gives you a full discussion of these and similar topics.

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You'll probably find as many free English language classwork online as any other course, with the possible exception of business classes. The list of English literature, grammar, and composition courses are huge. But the courses above let you gain more practical mastery of the English language, to improve your life prospects and your business prospects.